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Neo9 Design stretches the limits of imagination. We ask the questions. We push the boundaries. We deliver results. Attention to detail is paramount throughout our design and development process. We focus on the essence of your company and communicate it throughout your site, collateral and digital marketing.

When you collaborate with Neo9 we’re confident the end result will impress.

Look through our portfolio and client’s responses. We strive to exceed expectations and we deliver results. From initial collaboration to design, implementation and hands-on customer service, Neo9 is the multimedia design studio that will bring your business vision to life.

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The best way to predict the future is to

Create it.

–Abraham Lincoln

Behind the Scenes of Creation

Our ink. Our paint. Our pixels. Our inspiration.

As the digital world expands, multimedia plays a crucial role in design strategy. Print, video, web and social media combine to tell a compelling story that brings dimension to your product, your service, your message and ultimately your brand.

Thought leading content promotes, educates, connects and informs. It establishes your business’ voice and message. It is vital to success long term.

We dig deep for the essence of your company. We search for purpose, principles and beliefs. We dig deep for the why and ultimately find inspiration that creates and develops a strong and attractive brand.

Good Design is

Good Business.

—Thomas Watson, Jr.


Amazing Design

Neo9 brings amazing design to the forefront of all our projects. We work with award-winning illustrators and skilled designers to bring your ideas and brand to life.

Inbound Marketing

Attract inbound traffic through SEO, blogging, CTA’s, landing pages, social media, email and more. Grow your business by turning strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into promoters.

Blog Writing

Need to blog but don’t have the time or resources? Become a thought leader in your industry and a value add to your customers. Let Neo9 be your voice through consistently scheduled blog posts.

Stunning Websites

Responsive design, stunning visuals and engaging content combine with functionality to create amazing results. Your web presence is paramount to the success of your brand. Neo9 delivers.

Social Media

Don’t have the time to get social? Neo9 can do all the talking for you. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest—you name it—We got you covered.

Video Production

Video is an amazing way to deliver content on the web. It brings dimension and character to topics and enhances the written word. It can be used as a blog post, a social media post or on your website to instruct, inform and engage customers.

SEO Advanced

SEO is a fundamental component to website design. It is a continuous on-going and forward thinking process that adjusts as your products, services and goals change bringing search engine results.

Print Collateral

Neo9 produces print collateral to work in tandem with your online goals and marketing campaigns. We have strong printer relationships and deliver outstanding results.


When text just doesn’t get your point across, animation delivers. From simple Gif animations to more intricate and dynamic animations, Neo9 can make otherwise lifeless text jump off the screen and engage your audience.

Reviews & Endorsements

beth terrill

“Neo9 Design rocks! Pam and Eric have a keen eye and great instinct for creating fresh, innovative, eye-catching designs.”

—Beth Terrill, editor at NorthSouth Books

Reviews & Endorsements

judy jacoby

“Neo9 Design is a great team to work with. They’re total pros who always meet their deadlines.”

—Judy Jacoby, Vice President, Director of Advertising and Promotion – Doubleday Books

Reviews & Endorsements

alex eiserloh

“Neo9 Design has always had great ideas, dynamic design, and faithful attention to deadlines . . . Always a very positive experience all around!”

—Alex Eiserloh, Manager, Global Design—Print & Multimedia, Disney Publishing Worldwide

Reviews & Endorsements

marina shults

“Neo9 Design’s creativity, insight, and experience takes any project  to the next level. They always have a fresh take on a creative direction. Even under the most challenging deadlines, Neo9 is a pleasure to work with. I have worked with them on several projects and I could count on them to take on any project with enthusiasm, energy, and pride.”

—Marina Shults, Manager, Promotions at Disney Publishing Worldwide

Reviews & Endorsements

Christine Stiles, MD

“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Neo9 Design. Eric and Pam brought my book to life and made publishing it a reality. Their attention to detail and expertise are unparalleled!”

—Christine Stiles, M.D., Plastiks for Kids

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